Welcome to the Ethogram

Welcome to our inventory of dog behaviors!  This  library can serve as a teaching tool for any dog professional or interested dog-lover to log on and learn how to objectively observe important dog behaviors, from friendliness to aggression. The video Ethogram  is an amazing collection of dog behaviors that can help you learn to read body language better,  keep yourself safer by learning how to recognize early signals of aggression, and to simply understand dogs better and make better decisions for them.

You may view the definitions and photos without registering or subscribing.  A subscription to the Online Ethogram Video Library will give you access to the growing library of video clips of dog behavior. You can learn at your own pace, from wherever you are, whenever it is convenient for you, your staff, your volunteers.  With any simple web connection, you can train new staff, volunteers, colleagues, or friends to read and evaluate dog behavior  more thoroughly.

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