Search settings

The search engine maintains an index of words found in your site's content. To build and maintain this index, a correctly configured cron maintenance task is required. Indexing behavior can be adjusted using the settings below.

Indexing status

100% of the site has been indexed. There are 0 items left to index.

Indexing throttle
The maximum number of items indexed in each pass of a cron maintenance task. If necessary, reduce the number of items to prevent timeouts and memory errors while indexing.
Indexing settings

Changing the settings below will cause the site index to be rebuilt. The search index is not cleared but systematically updated to reflect the new settings. Searching will continue to work but new content won't be indexed until all existing content has been re-indexed.

The default settings should be appropriate for the majority of sites.

The number of characters a word has to be to be indexed. A lower setting means better search result ranking, but also a larger database. Each search query must contain at least one keyword that is this size (or longer).
Whether to apply a simple Chinese/Japanese/Korean tokenizer based on overlapping sequences. Turn this off if you want to use an external preprocessor for this instead. Does not affect other languages.
Content rankingThe following numbers control which properties the content search should favor when ordering the results. Higher numbers mean more influence, zero means the property is ignored. Changing these numbers does not require the search index to be rebuilt. Changes take effect immediately.
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