Leash Grabbing and Resource Guarding Correlations

I have noticed a correlation from dogs who grab and tug the leash during the Sociability testing and who later go on to fail Resource Guarding. I’m not sure why this is except that leaning down to pet the dog along his back is also inadvertently approaching the dog’s leash, if that’s indeed what he’s guarding, or maybe he’s guarding his body and wants to deny access to himself. The type of leash tugging most often has a very different quality to it than a fun game of tug with a pet dog. The shelter dog’s tugging is more intense, jerky, violent, reckless, with more hectic chomping and re-gripping, and often includes climbing up the leash towards the tester’s hands. It usually feels quite unsafe, and indeed it is unsafe, since the leash is the only point of control between dog and handler.