Information Gathering Signals

  • Air-Sniffing (or, Leaning Forward Sniffing): When the dog twitches and flares his nostrils, raising his nose upward or outward slightly, moves his nose from side to side. The dog’s feet and body remain stationary.
  • Blinking <2 Seconds: When the dog blinks his eyes less than every two seconds or longer.
  • Licking: Nose: When the dog’s tongue comes out the front of his mouth and completely covers his nose, so that for a brief moment you can see the underside of the dog’s tongue. The tongue comes directly out and goes back in from the front of the dog’s mouth.
  • Licking: Sideways: When the dog’s tongue comes out the front of his mouth, covers the nose only partially and then moves down the side of the dog’s mouth and retreats back in from the back of the lips.
  • Sniffing >2 seconds: When the dog sniffs the ground, furniture, people, objects for more than two seconds without disconnecting from scent, without chewing or eating anything.

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