Dog-to-Dog Behaviors

The following behaviors are filmed during interactions between dogs, not dog-human.

When the dog fixes his eyes on something, holds the gaze, keeps his head, eyes and spine aligned, his head usually level or slightly lower than his shoulder, ears usually up.

When the dog moves slowly forward, often with exaggerated or high footsteps, moving his body very little, may freeze. Dog will keep his head steady and gaze fixed; he is often in a crouched position or even almost lying down.

When the dog directs his eyes and head toward something or someone, ears usually forward, blinking usually less than every two seconds, head usually high.

Tandem Movements:
When the dogs share the same movements and move in time with another dog, or in mirror image with another dog. Often they will share the same lead foot, tail carriage, and share the same activities (sniffing, turning, twisting, etc.) This happens during play or can happen during breaks or interruptions in play or interaction.

When one dog fixates on one other dog, and pursues him with eyes, head and spine aligned, head usually high or forward; the dog that is being targeted will not be able to offer any behavior that will get the targeting dog to stop.