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RVAA BRINGS TRAINING WHEELS® TO THE ASPCA --Collaborative Effort to Expand Grassroots Program Promoting Responsible Pet Ownership in Local Communities--

July 7, 2004, Accord, NY - On July 9th, 2004 Rondout Valley Animals for Adoption (RVAA) founder Sue Sternberg will host a special tutorial in the community action program Training Wheels® for members and guests of The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) at the organization's headquarters in New York City. Immediately following the tutorial, the ASPCA will host its first Training Wheels® event at 114th Street and Morningside Avenue.. RVAA has been conducting Training Wheels® in New York City since 2000 making trips to the Bowery, East Harlem, West Harlem, Riverside Park and Marcus Garvey Park.

Training Wheels® is a progressive program which embodies RVAA's belief in the importance of action, education and outreach in communities serviced by animal shelters. Training Wheels® consists of direct grass roots interaction between shelter professionals and pet owners. A standard Training Wheels® session involves bringing supplies as well as practical behavioral and training advice directly to people and their pets.

July 9th's ASPCA certification program will consist of a day-long training session in the tenets and applications of Training Wheels® so that the ASPCA may be one of the many shelters across the country certified to implement the Training Wheels® program.

RVAA founder Sue Sternberg notes, "Training Wheels® grew out of a perceived need on the part of RVAA that a shelter must be a more active, visible and vocal member of the community it services. We started the program 5 years ago and, since its inception RVAA has brought Training Wheels® tutorial sessions to dozens of communities throughout the continental United States. We are extremely excited to bring Training Wheels® to the ASPCA."

Rondout Valley Animals for Adoption (RVAA) was founded with the mission to create a more humane environment for animals both within the shelter system and the community at large. Through a series of outreach and educational programs targeted to both shelter professionals and the community at large, RVAA strives to create better lives for animals and their owners through an ongoing series of outreach and educational initiatives.

RVAA's programs are created, tested and implemented at their home base, open admissions, learning shelter based in Accord, New York, Rondout Animals for Adoption. Once implemented, RVAA programs are then propagated throughout the United States through Certification Sessions for Shelter professionals. Once certified, Shelters begin outreach into their communities touching the lives of tens of hundreds of individuals across the country.

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Earl Adams